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"Gina, Very Very well done.

Love your writing style, I wish I had those   skills...."

- Jim Reiher

Ocean Aviation, Inc.

"Your writing provided some wonderful insights on Alessandro and Sai's intriguing professional dynamic..."

- Kasia Chalas

Marketing & Media Relations Manager

Munge Leung

Freelance Travel Writer, Lifestyle Journalist, Photographer & Editor  

Discovering Luxury... One Spectacular Destination At A Time.

"Gina is a phenomenal content creator who brings a touch of class to everything she decides to get involved in. She has the rare gift of taking you on a journey by bringing places and experiences to life through words and images. She intuitively understands what clients want, making her not only a joy, but also very easy to work with. Going above and beyond her brief, she adds genuine value by seeing the bigger picture and understanding how her contributions feed into a wider content, marketing and business strategy."    

- Bastian Ellen

Editor & Founder

Mr. Hudson Explores

"Dear Gina, Amazing! Thank you for this. The article is lovely... it's already getting a good response via Twitter!"

- Louise Smith

Head of Press

Luna Mae London

"One of the best travel writers we have come across...  Who else will I trust to fly 4000 miles to a grand opening of a famed Hotel, record the trip on social media and deliver a fabulous article by deadline?

The answer - not many.   If you are looking for a professional, look no further "    

- Regina Russo

Editor in Chief

Private Air Media